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Little Knowledge about Card Use (Popularization of Card Knowledge)

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Today I will share with you some knowledge about card use, which will also explain the popularization of card use knowledge. If it happens to solve the problem you are facing now, don’t forget In order to pay attention to this site, let's start now! A list of the contents of this article: 1. Credit card strategies: small knowledge of use 2. What are the hidden knowledge of credit card use? , the bank will not pay interest, which is equivalent to giving the bank an interest-free loan; secondly, if the cardholder withdraws the money again, he will have to pay a certain handling fee, ranging from a few yuan to tens of hundreds of yuan wait. The unit of measurement for a credit card (credit card) is "home" not "piece". One card is enough for the same bank, up to two! The amount will not be superimposed or doubled! No need to do a bunch! The order of application is important. Pay attention to the credit card limit: When using the card for the first time, unless you really have a large consumption demand, it is better not to use up the credit card limit at one time, and do not enter the wrong password when swiping the card, otherwise you will receive a call from the bank in the next second Call to ask if you are spending by yourself, because you are afraid that you will use the card in violation of regulations. The higher the limit, the more credit cards the better. The higher the amount, the easier it is for cardholders to create the illusion of unlimited consumption. The more credit cards, the easier it is for cardholders to forget which card corresponds to the repayment time. Don't use a credit card as a debit card. Some card lovers use credit cards as savings cards. No matter how much money you buy, you are used to using credit cards, which leads to insufficient use of credit cards. Therefore, card friends who are accustomed to paying with credit cards put money in the credit card and use it as a savings card. What are the hidden knowledge of credit cards? Credit cards also have a hidden function, which is the repayment grace period. Generally, banks have a 3-day grace period, that is, there is still a 3-day grace period after the normal final repayment date. It is not considered overdue if it is repaid within one day, most banks do it automatically, and Guangfa only has one day, and an application is required. Installment payment, interest is converted into fee collection. At present, all banks and merchants have launched credit card installment payment business. After the cardholder uses the credit card to shop in the mall, he agrees with the bank how many times to pay off the overdraft amount. The bank agrees on the repayment period. No overdraft interest is charged. But in fact, users still need to pay a handling fee. Not repaying the minimum repayment Some people will choose the minimum repayment in order not to affect their personal credit when they are not paying the minimum repayment, but most people will not choose the minimum repayment, because the minimum repayment interest is quite high, not only there is no interest-free period , and often the minimum repayment will affect the credit card withdrawal. The second aspect: establish a scientific view of consumption, control desires, and consume rationally. The third aspect: choose the credit line that suits you. Many people who use credit cards believe that the higher the credit limit, the better. But if people exceed their total income too much, they may not be able to pay back their consumption, and gradually become card slaves. Settlement date means that the card issuing bank summarizes the transactions and expenses occurred in the current cardholder's credit card account every month, calculates the interest, and sends the bill to the cardholder. Tips on safe use of bank cards (what are the precautions for safe use of bank cards) 1. There are four precautions for using bank cards: safe storage of bank cards: do not disclose bank card numbers and passwords at will, and do not lend bank cards to others. After the bank card is lost or stolen, go through the formalities of reporting the loss in time. 2. When actively applying for card suspension, please contact the bank by phone before cutting the card and sending it back to make sure that your card is no longer used. If the bank card cannot be used because it expires, the creditor-debt relationship of the account remains unchanged. Don't worry about network abnormalities: the card cannot be used normally when the network is accidentally interrupted. 3. To ensure the safety of personal data, first, apply for a card through proper channels, and do not entrust others to handle bank cards at will; information to others. This is the end of the introduction to card usage knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about card usage knowledge popularization and card usage tips on this site.

Little Knowledge about Card Use (Popularization of Card Knowledge)


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