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Those who want to do gray part-time jobs come here➣Types of gray part-time jobs

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of those who want to do gray part-time jobs, and will also explain the types of gray part-time jobs. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now , don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! List of contents in this article: 1. What are the gray occupations? 2. What part-time jobs can you do? 3. Briefly introduce several part-time jobs? 4. Gray income of billiard teaching assistants 5. Why does WeChat suspend the use of drift bottles? Demystifying WeChat drift bottles Gray projects, easy monthly income over 10,000_Baidu... 6. What can I do part-time to make money now? Industrial chain is a concept in industrial economics. It is a chain-like relationship formed objectively between various industrial sectors based on certain technical and economic relationships and based on specific logical relationships and spatial-temporal layout relationships. Teachers earn money outside the school in various forms, such as giving lectures, giving academic reports, substitute classes, being tutors, part-time consultants, etc. It is common for famous doctors and surgeons to go to the "lower hospital" and earn one or two thousand yuan. Doctors in well-known hospitals can even get 5,000 to 10,000. The gray industry actually includes a lot of content, such as underground banks, usury goods, small treasuries, darkroom transactions to earn transaction fees, private casinos, gift money acceptance, industry accumulation of high-interest loans, and so on. It is an unreasonable but objectively existing industry between legitimate industries and improper industries. Secret Service Bodyguard underground casino. . Occupations not permitted by law. . Between legal and illegal is the so-called gray, such as some debt collection and lending companies, some chess and card rooms, and entertainment venues are all gray industries. Electronic engineers, software development engineers, decoration design engineers, drawing engineers, spraying and electroplating engineers, etc. "Gray-collar" is a new type of talent, a type of talent with independent intellectual structure and occupational characteristics. They have higher education, rich professional knowledge, and strong hands-on ability. What part-time job can I do? In the Internet era of food delivery, people are accustomed to ordering food or shopping online. The market demand for food delivery staff is very high, especially in some big cities, office workers can use their off-duty time to deliver two or three orders of food delivery, and they will also earn a lot of money. Get a fee of tens of dollars. writer. Writers can write various types of articles for customers according to their needs, such as press releases, advertising copy, website content and so on. If you enjoy writing and have the skills and experience to do it, becoming a writer might be a good choice. designer. Network task + long-term online earning project Network activity tasks are very simple, do not require professional skills and expertise, and operate regardless of time and place. At present, it is the first choice for part-time jobs. Of course, if you have enough time, you can also do your main business and earn a lot of money. Distributing leaflets We often see people handing out leaflets in places with relatively large traffic, such as catering, fitness, education, etc.; and many of these people who are responsible for handing out leaflets are part-timers, the work is simple and easy to do, and they can also exercise Courage to improve your communication skills. Briefly introduce several methods of part-time jobs to everyone? The first thing to say about making money with mobile tasks is that this will not invite friends to help you like Pinhehe, and you don’t need to go outside to promote, advertise, or pull people’s heads. Just play with your mobile phone by yourself, do some likes, surveys, downloads, follow and other small tasks on your mobile phone to make money. Online Education With the rise of online education platforms, many people choose to teach their knowledge and skills through the Internet in their spare time. For example, if music is your passion, you could start an online music class where interested students can play an instrument. Webcasting is a very popular way of part-time job, live broadcasting through major live broadcasting platforms, sharing one's own knowledge, experience and hobbies. Earn income through live broadcast gifts, advertising sharing, etc. Transcriptionist If you are proficient at typing, you can choose to work as a transcriptionist at home part-time. When Didi Express is off work, it’s easy to make an extra RMB 2,000 a month if you spend hours driving Didi every day. In this way, you can earn an extra RMB 2,000 a month. This is really very feasible. , especially for people with cars, it is perfect to have a part-time job during off-duty time. Billiard assistant gray income 1, can. The guaranteed minimum salary of a billiards assistant is 6,000, which is all paid and can be taken. This assistant is a new profession in the billiards industry. It mainly provides billiards club customers with entry guidance, accompanying training, and refereeing services. 2. Which city do you want to ask about Ruisi? Because of the different consumption levels in different cities, the treatment is also different. All in all, the salary of a teaching assistant is much lower than that of a bishop, and it is difficult to earn 3,000 yuan even if he leads four classes. Being a teaching assistant in Ruisi is just a process. With the improvement of ability, sooner or later you will be a bishop. 3. Guidance on your football skills during the process, because each city has different consumption levels and different treatment. All in all, the salary of assistant teachers is much lower than that of bishops. Not that high, most people want to gradually become bishops from billiards assistants. 4. Billiard assistant is a new profession. It mainly provides billiards clubs or billiards training institutions with billiards introduction guidance, billiards sparring, snooker scoring and other services. It is charged by the hour and the salary is considerable. The recruitment requirements for billiard assistants are: over 18 years old, technical secondary school or above. 5. Yes. Billiard assistants are not hired, so there is a certain low salary, but the price of the salary is very low. Playing with customers who play billiards helps improve the level of billiards. Why does WeChat suspend the use of drifting bottles? Demystifying the gray project of WeChat drifting bottles, easily earning over 10,000 a month_Baidu... Earlier, WeChat users complained and media reported that drifting bottles contained pornographic and advertising-related content. This is why WeChat suspended drifting The fuse of the bottle function. In the latest version of WeChat, this function in the discovery page has been cancelled, so there is no floating bottle. The first thing that can be determined is that your WeChat account has been "functionally restricted". The reason for "function restriction" is abnormal login, or illegal operation (such as frequent use of nearby people, frequent addition of friends, etc.). At the same time, your "drifting bottle" function cannot be used (opening the drifting bottle will prompt you that you have violated the rules). The floating bottle function has been offline due to pornographic information. On November 30, 2018, WeChat's official public account "WeChat Pai" issued an announcement saying that WeChat found that there are still cases where users use functions such as drifting bottles to publish pornographic content or pornographic advertisements. Now you can do something part-time to make money 1. Do micro-business to make money. If you can find a suitable source of goods and ensure the quality of the product, you can start a micro-business without having to worry about opening a store yourself, which is simple and convenient. 2. Side jobs that can make money include: online sales, online part-time jobs, translation, photography, and design. Online sales Online sales are a relatively easy sideline, and you can work part-time in your spare time. By acting as an agent for products on Taobao,, Pinduoduo and other platforms, earn income through commissions. 3. Open an online store to sell your own handmade works, such as more hand-knitted, diy mobile phone cases, etc. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can also find a factory source to send it on your behalf. On Xianyu, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu open shop. As a mobile game agent, one person, one computer and one mobile phone can realize the freedom of wealth without looking for a venue. 4. Manual work, diamond painting, crystal painting and so on are more common. And this type of part-time job is calculated according to the quantity, even if you can complete one pair a week, the other party will not limit it at all. 5. They are all good side jobs. As long as you work hard, you can make money. Procrastination is also a nice side job. In the post-epidemic era, the state encourages stalls, and you can use your free time at night to set up stalls. Many people start their business by setting up a stall, and it is very important to choose products from the stand. This is the end of the introduction about those who want to do gray part-time jobs and the types of gray part-time jobs. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Those who want to do gray part-time jobs come here➣Types of gray part-time jobs


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