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Baby Boy Names➬Baby Boy Names

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This article will talk about the baby boy names and the knowledge points corresponding to baby boy names. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. Best boy names for boys 2. Baby names for boys 3. Baby boy names for boys 4. Baby boy names for boys The meaning of being as gentle as jade. Xingbo Xing means star, which means a boy is radiant. The character Bo is originally a respectful name for relatives and friends of the father's generation. The ancients often used it as a person's name, which is very classical and elegant, and it would be very special as a modern name. The word Xingbo has the meaning of bright future, bright and beautiful, and superb skills. The name reads with a sense of ancient style and elegance, which is pleasant to the ear. Daquan of Boys' Names 1 Bo Tao: knowledgeable and talented, turbulent. Artistic conception, I would like to say a word from Shaoling Bo, the mountains and trees are all in harmony with the flood. Bo Sheng: "The Great River Goes to the East * Brother Brother" Bo Sheng's sachet, laughing and fighting for entanglements, and Wang Wendu on his knees. Chun'an: From Qing Zhang Huiyan's "Meeting and Joy", "Every year loses but blooms! When the spring is over, just arrange to send the spring back with sorrow." Free Names for Boys 1, Baby Boys: 1. Bowen (Wen Tao Wu Lue, broad and profound) 2. Haoqiang (Hao: sky, sky) 3. Koshizawa (across a vast water source) 4. Bo Chao (Bo: Bo Da Chao: Beyond) 5. Junhao (Jun: Junzihao: Haoda) 6. Ziqian (Qian: hold high, fly up) 7. The best name for a boy 1 [Rui] "Rui" means enlightened and profound, that is, it extends to wisdom, and the implication of cleverness is also an extremely elegant and self-cultivating word. In ancient Chinese, there are usages such as "wisdom, wisdom", "being able to be clever and wise". Baby Names for Boys 1. Zelin comes from the Tang Dynasty Li Bai's "Two Poems of Baoding in the Shangqing Dynasty" "A Complete Collection of Baby Names for Boys with Dreams and Zeyun in the Dynasty, and a Compendium of Li Fishing." , grace, and benevolent actions; Lin: The original meaning refers to trees, which means tenacity, integrity, and justice. Meaning of the name: lofty ambition, quick wit, and warmth like jade. 2. Wenhao: The name Wenhao means vastness and boundlessness, representing the breadth of literature and culture. This name is not only easy to pronounce, but also has a generous shape, which is very easy to remember. The use of the word "wen" in a person's name implies that the boy is educated and educated, which is very suitable for an educated boy. 3. "Tinghai" is selected from Tang poems. This poem means that in the country's Huaihai sea area, there is no resort to force, and the etiquette and music in the court are displayed harmoniously. Boy baby names are simple and nice. , benevolent actions; Lin: The original meaning refers to trees, which means tenacity, integrity, and justice. Zirui uses "Zirui" as the baby boy's name, and it sounds loud, sonorous, loud and pleasant, and has a certain momentum. Among them, the word Zi is used in the name of a person to imply the meaning of Qi Zi's talent, which means that the boy baby is an excellent talent; the word Rui means that the boy baby is smart, wise, far-sighted, and wise. The word "Li" contains the word "He", which fits the name of the year of the ox. It originally means many and black. It is taken as a boy's name, which means both internal and external, and attractive. Feixuan refers to Langyu. Suitable for naming a boy. From "Anthology? Liu Kun's Song of Fufeng: "Gu Zhan looks at the palace and looks up at Yufeixuan. Detao has a strategy of using troops. It is suitable for boys' names. From Li Deyu's "Li Wenrao Collection" "Don't work for grandchildren, and be proud of Taigongtao". Chenghong The water is clear and deep. A complete collection of male baby names 1, Dong, Wei, Qi, Ke, Lun, Xiang, Xu, Peng, Ze, Chen, Chen, Shi, Yi Jian, Jia, Zhi, Shu, Yan, De, Xing . It is better to match with the word Hao in the name. The boy’s name means safe and healthy growth. The word Yihao means vastness, grandness, and vastness; Ran means faithfulness, appropriateness, majesty, and beautiful meaning. 3. Let’s take a look with the editor Look. Baby naming method Boys and boys can be named after things or natural scenery. Some words used to describe natural scenery are majestic and suitable for naming. Single-character words such as Lei, Xiao, Bai, Yan, Hong, Fan , Shan, Yan, Sen, Miao, etc. This is the end of the introduction to the Daquan of baby boy names. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about baby boy names and Daquan of baby boy names, don’t forget to click here Do a search.

Baby Boy Names➬Baby Boy Names


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