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Web design online design, what software is good for web design? ,

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the online design of web design, so the editor has compiled 2 related answers to introduce online design of web design, let us work together Let's see. What software is good for web design? Personal website design and production steps? What software is good for web design? 1. Dreamweaver CS6Dreamweaver is a powerful web design software with a visual editing interface. The software has a responsive adaptive grid layout, enhanced jQuery mobile support, updated real-time view and other functions, this is a web authoring software you deserve. 2. HBuilder HBuilder is currently the fastest HTML development tool. HBuilder's powerful code assistant helps you complete development quickly. The most complete grammar library and browser compatibility data make browser fragmentation no longer a headache. A hello HBuilder project is preset in HBuilder. After typing these dozens of lines of code, users will find that it is at least 5 times faster than other development tools. HBuilder's ecosystem is probably the richest Web IDE ecosystem because it is compatible with both eclipse plugins and Ruby Bundle. There are Eclipse plug-ins for various technologies such as SVN, git, ftp, PHP, and less. 3. WPS Xiutang WPS Xiutang is a very convenient HTML5 page creation tool launched by Kingsoft WPS. It provides a large number of H5 templates and application scenarios. Simple operations allow you to make exquisite H5 pages without much effort. . Xiutang provides a large number of H5 templates. Users can freely combine graphics, text and music through simple graphics and text replacement, quickly generate online HTML5 pages with rich animation effects, and share them to social networks with one click. At the same time, Xiutang can also help users monitor the effect of communication and meet users' mobile communication needs. Personal website design and production steps? 1. First download and install Dreamweaver, open it, and create a new webpage. Generally, choose "HTML" to create a webpage. Choosing the "classic" interface will help us use this software more conveniently. 2. Select these three interfaces below, code, split, and design. Generally, the default design interface is visualized for novices, which can make web pages better. 3. Next, let's make a website and build a file on the computer as the root directory. All the files and pages of the website we build are kept in this file. The role of the site is to make the frames between your website pages clear. Also give the site a name. 4. Then create a file in the root directory of the site to store website pictures, and set the default. In this way, all the pictures you add to this website are automatically saved to this file and will not be lost. Note that the file name should be in English. Next, I will use the (basketball information network) I created to introduce, click on the basketball information network at the bottom right - pull down and click on the management site - click on advanced settings - set the default image folder to the newly created images. save. 5. Next, let's make the homepage of this website, and learn to add pictures first. Insert - image - select material to add. 6. Learn to add text below. Edit "Basketball Information Network", the following properties can set the text font, add hyperlinks, etc., click page properties, you can edit the text properties in detail. 7. A web page is basically a combination of text and pictures. Adding videos requires learners to search for Dreamweaver usage videos to learn. Finally, remember to save a web page after making it. File in the upper left corner - save. 8. Finally, we learn to add hyperlinks. I use the second web page I created as a demonstration. Select the text of the basketball information website, click Properties at the bottom of the page - link - click the small file button - select the first web page, so that the text of the basketball information website turns blue. This is the internal link of the website, and on the contrary, there is an external link. 9. Finally, we browse the web. File in the upper left corner - browse the webpage in the browser, click the two links in the webpage to reach the specified webpage. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's online design of web design. I hope that the 2-point answers about online design of web design will be useful to everyone.

Web design online design, what software is good for web design? ,


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