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Cases of website construction and web page production, how to make a corporate website, and what are the basic steps in building a website? ,

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the case of website construction and web page production, so the editor has sorted out 2 related answers to the introduction of website construction and web page production cases , let's take a look. How to make a corporate website, what are the basic steps to build a website? Making web tutorials? How to make a corporate website, what are the basic steps to build a website? 1. First of all, we must know what we want to do. Before building a website, we must first know why we want to make a website and what role we want the website to play. The main content and theme of the website are clearly determined. 2. Organize the information required by the website: the domain name of the website, the space of the website, the content to be displayed on the website (products, cases, service items, company introduction, etc.) and some promotional pictures required by the website, etc. The collection of data needs to be viewed around the theme. If you want to make your website richer in content and attract users, you need to collect and organize as much data as possible. As long as the data is richer, it will be easier to build a website . 3. Design the website page The website page is very important. Users can understand the information we want to promote through the website page. Whether a website is successful or not is largely due to the planning level of the designer. When planning, there are many aspects that we need to consider, such as the overall structure, navigation bar classification, theme color, website style, layout, internal text and pictures, etc., and finally made like this Only when the website can be handled easily and attractively. 4. Make the website After the website page is designed, it is necessary for the front-end developers to make the designed page picture into a webpage, and at the same time, the background programmers realize the functions of the website one by one through programming. This is a relatively complicated process, which can be followed in advance Consider the big picture, the complex ones first, and then the details and simple ones. In this way, it can be better modified when there are some problems on the website. 5. The content is perfect. After the website is completed, we need to publish the website after passing the test. Binding the resolution server through the domain name allows us to access the website through the Internet and upload all the content we want to present on the website one by one. Such as enterprise products, case display and so on. Making web tutorials? The analysis is as follows: 1. First download and install Dreamweaver, open it, and create a new webpage. Generally, choose "HTML" to create a webpage. Choosing the "classic" interface will help us use this software more conveniently. 2. Select these three interfaces below, code, split, and design. Generally, the default design interface is visualized for novices, which can make web pages better. 3. Next, let's make a website and build a file on the computer as the root directory. All the files and pages of the website we build are kept in this file. The role of the site is to make the frames between your website pages clear. Also give the site a name. 4. Then create a file in the root directory of the site to store website pictures, and set the default. In this way, all the pictures you add to this website are automatically saved to this file and will not be lost. Note that the file name should be in English. Next, I will use the (basketball information network) I created to introduce, click on the basketball information network at the bottom right - pull down and click on the management site - click on advanced settings - set the default image folder to the newly created images. save. 5. Next, let's make the homepage of this website, and learn to add pictures first. Insert - image - select material to add. Click on the picture, the following properties can be edited to modify the size of the picture, add hyperlinks and so on. Below I modify the image size as a demonstration. 6. Learn to add text below. Edit "Basketball Information Network", the following properties can set the text font, add hyperlinks, etc., click page properties, you can edit the text properties in detail. 7. A web page is basically a combination of text and pictures. Adding videos requires learners to search for Dreamweaver usage videos to learn. Finally, remember to save a web page after making it. File in the upper left corner - save. 8. Finally, we learn to add hyperlinks. I use the second web page I created as a demonstration. Select the text of the basketball information website, click Properties at the bottom of the page - link - click the small file button - select the first web page, so that the text of the basketball information website turns blue. This is the internal link of the website, and on the contrary, there is an external link. Add as shown in the picture, be sure to write http://... and that's it. 9. Finally, we browse the web. File in the upper left corner - browse the webpage in the browser, click the two links in the webpage to reach the specified webpage. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about website construction and webpage production cases. I hope that the two-point answers about website construction and webpage production cases will be useful to everyone.

Cases of website construction and web page production, how to make a corporate website, and what are the basic steps in building a website? ,


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