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Cicada knows the enterprise website building system, what are the free CMS systems? ,

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the problem of the website building system of Cicada Enterprises, so the editor has compiled a related answer to introduce the website building system of Cicada Enterprises, so that Let's see it together. What are the free CMS systems? What are the free CMS systems? 1. PHPCMS uses PHP5+MYSQL as the technical basis for development. OOP (object-oriented) method is used to build the basic operation framework. Features: Station group system with multiple publishing points Data table separation Powerful content model template making convenient to provide bank-level security protection Official website: 2. Dreamweaving content management system (DedeCMS) DedeCMS was developed by Personal development, at the end of 2007, officially established a company in Shanghai, specializing in the development of website content management Features: flexible module combination, easy-to-use template engine, convenient custom model, efficient dynamic and static page deployment, low maintenance cost official website: http:/ / 3. Chanzhi Enterprise Portal System (chanzhiEPS) Chanzhi Enterprise Portal System (changezhiEPS) is an open-source and free enterprise portal system, specially designed for enterprise marketing! Features: focus on enterprise marketing, true open source, true free technology, advanced experience, good use, assured and guaranteed official website: 4. Empire (EmpireCMS) Empire CMS is a website management system based on B/S structure. Independently developed by the Imperial Development Working Group, it is a well-designed website solution suitable for Linux/windows/Unix and other environments. Functional features: System model extension function Large-capacity data structure design system High security design Fragment call information function Official website: Here, the above is the small editor's introduction to the problems of the cicada enterprise website building system At this point, I hope that the one-point answer about the Cicada Enterprise Website Building System will be useful to everyone.

Cicada knows the enterprise website building system, what are the free CMS systems? ,


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