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The dream breaker of the Locke Kingdom, the top ten must-practice favorites of the Locke Kingdom? , Rock Kingdom Dream Breaker Evolution

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the Locke Kingdom Dream Breaker, so the editor has compiled a related introduction about Locke Kingdom Breaker. The answer of the dreamer, let us have a look together. Ten must-practice favorites of the Rock Kingdom? Ten must-practice favorites of the Rock Kingdom? The top ten pets are: 1. Blackened Butterfly Blackened Butterfly Blackened Butterfly is one of the few relatively valuable pets among the newly released pets. It has strong auxiliary interference and can deal with many magic attack pets and auxiliary Pets (especially Gemini Beichen). 2. 4399 God of War Meow (out of print) 4399 God of War Meow is the first exclusive awakened pet of our 4399 Locke Kingdom. It is very suitable for the ladder environment with the recent pets such as Chef Daji and Jungle Phantom! 3. God Devil (out of print) God Devil God Devil This pet is not very powerful compared with most mainstream pets on the ladder, and it can be played, but it requires high technology and skilled pet cooperation. 4. Heihuamumu Heihuamumu has a powerful fixed damage skill, with explosive output, battery life, and prevention and control. When in a frenzy, he can directly kill the star swordsman and the dog-head planner Xiaobei in seconds. 5. Goutou planning Xiaobei (out of print on December 23, 2016) Goutou planning Xiaobei, dog planning Xiaobei is the mainstream pet in the previous ladder, passively immune to all control skills. The skill of tampering with data can be used against the sky when the character is good. 6. MechaQueen (out of print) MechaQueen Mk02's all-explosive HP-reducing skill makes it useful on the pk battlefield. The Db56 laser first-hand elimination pp clear strengthening skill is also one of the necessary skills, plus core and several physical attack skills. Let this only become the most popular strength favorite at present, a powerful attack destroys the team favorite, affects the entire team, and victory beckons to you. 7. Lie Xing Bao Ji Lie Xing Bao Ji can be said to be very strong for Bao Ji as a pet. If she guesses correctly, she can control the field. After controlling the field, it is easy to strengthen and destroy the team, but it is a bit false; but generally speaking, Bao Ji Playing well can destroy the team, and playing Bao Ji well can preserve our main force off the field. 8. Feixue (out of print) Feixue large-scale competition is good. It has the perspective skill of Eye of Dawn, and it also comes with all hits and current confusion. It is the same as the status and the holy skill, and there are too many skills such as guarding the black hole, water vapor, ice and sky, hatred, etc., so this one is very tangled, but it cannot be denied that this one is excellent. It is a very good one. pets. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the Dream Breaker of the Locke Kingdom. I hope that the 1-point answer about the Dream Breaker of the Locke Kingdom will be useful to everyone.

The dream breaker of the Locke Kingdom, the top ten must-practice favorites of the Locke Kingdom? , Rock Kingdom Dream Breaker Evolution


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