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What are the varieties of black tea? ,Pictures of the complete list of black tea varieties and names

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the question of the complete collection of black tea varieties and names, so the editor compiled a related introduction to the complete collection of black tea varieties and names Answer, let's take a look. What types of black tea are there? What types of black tea are there? Keemun Black Tea: It is mainly produced in Qimen County, Anhui Province. There are 8 different leaf varieties of Chuyeshu, Liuyeshu, Chestnut Lacquer, Late Yaye, Zaoyazhong, Dayezhong, Daliuyeshu and Ziyaye that are used to make Keemun black tea. The tea soup is bright red in color, mellow in the mouth, sweet and smooth, with a distinct aftertaste, and the bottom of the leaves is even, soft and shiny. The fragrance of tea has a natural honey and floral fragrance, and the rich aroma that resembles flowers, fruits, and honey is known as "Qimen Fragrance". Yingde Black Tea: Produced in Yingde in the north-central part of Guangdong Province. The dry tea color is dark and tender, the soup color is bright red, the taste is mellow and sweet, the aroma is rich and pure, and it has a characteristic aroma of "flower fragrance", which is high and long-lasting. The bottom of the leaf is red, soft, uniform and bright. Dianhong: It is mainly produced in western Yunnan and southern Yunnan, and it is a large-leaf tea tree variety in Lincang and Baoshan in Yunnan. The shape of Dianhong is plump and firm, the soup color is red and bright, and the aroma is high and the taste is strong. The bottom of the leaf is red, tender and bright, even. Chuanhong: Chuanhong is produced in Yibin City, Sichuan Province. Most of the tea trees grow on higher slopes, the climate is mild and the rainfall is sufficient, which is suitable for the growth of tea trees. Sichuan red dry tea is black and smooth in color, beautiful and fine, with a refreshing aroma and a unique floral and fruity aroma. The tea soup is red and golden yellow, with a sweet and honey aroma. Ninghong: produced in Xiushui, Wuning and Tonggu counties in Jiangxi. Ninghong has a strong and mellow flavor, the tea soup is bright and bright, there are obvious gold rings on the edge of the cup, the bottom of the leaves is evenly red and bright, the dry tea sticks are tight and thin, the oil is even and clean, and the aroma is long-lasting. Yihong: This black tea variety is produced in Yichang, Hubei, and the main production areas are in Yichang and Enshi. The appearance of Yihong black tea is slender and tightly knotted, with uniform cords and obvious pekoe. The color of dry tea is black and yellow, with good moisturization and unique honey fragrance. Jiuquhongmei: Also known as Jiuquhong, Hongmei tea, etc., it is produced in West Lake and its surrounding areas in Hangzhou. The dry tea strips are tightly knotted, curly and black. The soup is red and bright, the aroma is sweet and floral, the taste is mellow and floral, and the leaves are red and soft. Zhengshan Souchong: "Zhengshan" refers to all the tea produced in Wuyi Mountain, while the tea produced near Wuyi Mountain is called "Outer Mountain". Lapsang souchong black tea has a plump appearance, a dark and moist color, a thick red tea soup, a high aroma with pine smoke, and a mellow taste with the flavor of longan soup. Jin Junmei: The upstart black tea originates from Lapsang Souchong. The color is dark brown, moist, slightly golden, the cords are even, tight, firm, plump and tender. The fragrance of flowers and fruits is strong, the color of the soup is golden and bright, the taste is sweet and fresh, and the aftertaste is sweet. The bottom of the leaf is bronze-colored, plump and tender. Minhong: Produced in Fujian area. There are two kinds of tea tree varieties: big tea and small tea. The shape of dry tea is uniform, the color is black and solid. The color of the tea soup is red and bright, the taste is sweet, and the tea soup is thick and thick. Tea-scented and naturally floral. Lake Red: It can be called "Xianghong". It is mainly produced in Anhua, Shaoyang, Liuyang and other counties and cities in Hunan Province. There are pekoe in the dry tea, the aroma is quiet and the cord is tightly knotted. The color of the tea soup is thick and smoky, and it is fragrant with flowers and jujubes. In the historical spread of tea culture, do you know about tea? In addition to green tea, the most common tea in our life is black tea. Black tea is a fully fermented tea. What is fermented tea? In fact, it is related to the tea making process. The most different thing about the fermentation of black tea and black tea is that black tea relies on the catalysis of external microorganisms, while black tea relies on its own enzymes for catalysis. Compared with other tea types, black tea does not need to be "careful" when picking. The picked tea leaves collide with each other, rub each other, and after the cells are damaged and have "wounds", they react with oxygen in the air, darken, It turns red, which is the trace left by fermentation. Xiao Yue thinks it should be called "oxidation" more appropriately. How to distinguish the fermentation of black tea, Xiaoyue was also fortunate to learn a few tricks from experts. In fact, we can distinguish the degree of fermentation from the area and color of the color with the naked eye. The degree of fermentation also determines the color and aroma of tea, so what are the common varieties of black tea? Which one of them is the first, let’s find out together with Xiaoyue: Souchong black tea: In the category of black tea, Souchong black tea is the oldest black tea, which can be called the "originator" of other black teas. We have seen The other categories of tea also evolved slowly from it. Their production areas are mostly distributed in Wuyi Mountain, and because of their different production areas, they are divided into two categories: Zhengshan small species and outer mountain small species. Tea tasting is also based on "Zhengshan small species". Small species" is the best. Gongfu black tea: In China, black tea is mainly served as a clear drink, and you can feel the mellow tea aroma and taste of its own tea. Among them, the most famous one is Keemun black tea, known as one of the "three most fragrant black teas in the world". Others include Fujian's Gongfu black tea, Jiangxi's Ninghong and so on. Gongfu tea, Gongfu tea, drinking tea is not only to quench your thirst, but the tea ceremony derived from tea tasting can also cultivate your body and mind, and take care of your body and mind. Red broken tea: Red broken tea is the most important export tea in my country. It has a substantial shape, dark color and strong tea flavor. There are Dianhong broken tea and Nanchuan red broken tea. This is also one of the most common types of black tea around us, and it is also the most popular type of black tea, especially the price, which is more attractive. In fact, these types of tea are only three of the six major categories. Black tea is divided into multiple categories due to different processing techniques, different origins of raw materials, and different appearance. With a variety of high-quality black tea. What we often see are only rare in this category. As a common tea drink, black tea is more gentle in quality, and is suitable for drinking by both men and women, young and old. It may not be easy to find green tea that suits you, but it is not difficult to find black tea that suits your physique. Find someone who understands tea, and you may be able to recommend a variety of black tea that suits you according to your physique. Therefore, different types of black tea There are people who love it alone. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the names of black tea varieties. I hope that the one-point answer about the names of black tea varieties will be useful to everyone.

What are the varieties of black tea? ,Pictures of the complete list of black tea varieties and names


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