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What is a website template, a webpage template? how to use? ,

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the website template, so the editor has compiled an answer to introduce the website template, let us take a look together. What exactly are web templates? how to use? What exactly are web templates? how to use? A web page template is a pre-made web page frame, use web page editing software to enter the content you need, and then publish it to your own website. Each web page template compression package contains: PSD picture file (can be modified by Photoshop, ImageReady or Fireworks), button picture PSD file, Flash source file and font file, it is recommended to use Dreamweaver software to add content to the web page template. 1) The concept of a template: a document that serves as a template for creating other documents. When you create a template, you can indicate which elements of the web page are not editable and which elements are editable. Its extension is .dwt. 2) The role of the template: it is conducive to maintaining the consistency of the web page style; improving work efficiency. 1. Create a template 1) Create a brand new template: In the template panel, use the shortcut menu button or click the New button on the panel to open the template panel: Window menu--Templates2) Create a document-based template: File menu-Save As Template2 . Set template page properties 1) Documents created with a template inherit the page properties of the template, except for the page title. 2) Settings: Modify menu - Page Properties3. Define the editable region of the template 1) Define the editable region of the template Select the object, Modify menu, Templates, New Editable Region in the template document 2) Unmark the editable region Modify menu-Templates-Remove Editable Region Here, the above is the small This is the end of the editor's introduction to the website template. I hope that the one-point answer about the website template will be useful to everyone.

What is a website template, a webpage template? how to use? ,


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