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Legendary Version 176➻Legendary Version 176

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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of Legendary Version 176, which will also explain Legendary Version 176. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention to this site, Let's get started now! List of contents in this article: 1. Legendary 176 Taoist hang-up settings 2. How to upgrade legendary 176 weapons so that it is not easy to explode 3. 176 Legendary mage upgrade route 4. How to recharge ingots in the legendary 176 version 5. How to play 176 retro legends 6. Upgrade the legendary 176 version Level 1 plus a few points to wear the legendary 176 Taoist priest on-hook to set up the magic medicine (medium amount) and Jinchuang medicine (medium amount) legend 176 version, select the on-hook setting in the setting of the function panel legend 176 version to set the automatic recovery function. Shield Player Legend 176: If you find that you can only see the player's name but not the person during the game, don't panic, just click the button as shown in the picture to unblock it. First, open the legendary game and enter the game interface and press the combination of CTRL and 1 to open the macro command window. Then, click the New button in the macro command window, specify a name, such as auto hang up, and enter the keyboard key sequence to be executed in the command text box, such as W, A, S, D, etc. On-hook Auto Battle Legend 176 Edition: Click Auto, the character will automatically find the nearest monster to kill. Teach you the 176 version of the legend to use the on-hook settings reasonably. In the blood recovery settings, you can set blood recovery and blue recovery. When the health and mana are reduced to a certain level, they will automatically drink potions to recover. ..Legendary Ranking Retro Ranking 3D Version Ranking Combined Hit Ranking Super Change Ranking BT Ranking Original Legend Advertisement Mobile Game Legendary Taoist Hanging Up Without Fire Talisman It is best to turn off the Soul Fire Talisman skill in the F12 settings, or if you do not wear Talismans, Taoist priests will no longer be Attacked with a charm. : Select the hang-up function on the map, and the skills and battles are automatically completed when the hang-up is done. 2: After turning on the on-hook function, you can see that there are four options on the right, switch map, on-hook setting, on-hook help and exit on-hook. In addition to setting the automatic use of healing on the fourth floor of the ice field, do not use skills in other map settings. It is impossible for the monsters on the idle map to kill the Taoist baby. Those who can automatically recruit dogs are either manual leveling or offline. How to upgrade legendary 176 weapons is not easy to explode The four golden rules of upgrading weapons: the time to release the knife is the biggest key to success or failure, and it has a certain periodicity; jewelry determines the direction of the upgrade attribute and a small part of the probability of success or failure; mines decide to take out Finally, the durability of the weapon; it is best not to upgrade the same weapon 4 times in a row. Fourth: pad knife can increase the chance of success. However, if the number of clan friends increases after upgrading, such as 1-6 and 1-7 respectively, using a knife that has not been upgraded to pad will not increase the chance of success. At this time, you can use upgraded weapons to cushion, such as 1-4 demons, 1-5 eye moons. will provide a chance of success. It’s the first time to use 2 black mines below 6. It depends on what weapon you want + what point, mage weapon + magic, warrior + attack, Taoist + Taoist jewelry. In order to save money and continuously upgrade, it is recommended to use primary jewelry. For example, I will use 2 black ore with a purity of 4 to practice a kitchen knife. 5 brass rings for the first time. 176 Legendary mage upgrade route 1, -24 level: The mage has the thunder and lightning technique, and can choose to upgrade in the zombie cave until he reaches level 24. Recommended upgrade locations at this stage: Beech Mining Area, Magic Valley Mine Area, Viper Mine Area, Fragrant Stone Tomb, etc. 2. Go to the mine in Gingko Valley, it is a paradise for making money, so you will have at least 30w when you reach 15, and you can buy a few books at this time, remember, the most important thing is Bingyue, other things can be bought later . After level 15, there will be a big fireball. At this time, the mage began to change. You can go to Pig Cave or Pan Ye Island. 3. Gold box: 80W-120 experience. (It is not recommended to open the gold box/key 2 ingots to open the experience and equipment are similar). 4. Players with slightly better equipment can go to Crouching Dragon Villa to kill monsters of various professions, and then use magic charms to excavate them. Fire Dragon Balls can provide a lot of experience. Ordinary players can team up with mages to go to the bottom of the stone tomb or to level up demons. It is more convenient if you are a mage yourself, and the efficiency of spawning monsters is relatively high. How to recharge Yuanbao in the legendary 176 version You can buy point cards to recharge the legendary 176 version through Internet cafes, which are generally not discounted. You can buy Yuanbao through the Yuanbao merchant in the game, the ratio is 100RMB=93 or 94 Yuanbao, the transaction method is that you first remit money to his bank, and then trade Yuanbao with him in the game for you. But you need to find a reputable ingot dealer. There are generally two ways to obtain ingots: one is to recharge through the official game, which is the safest way. The second is to obtain ingots through buying and selling transactions. The premise is that the ingot transaction must have been opened, and an ingot is required to open the ingot transaction. One of the ways to obtain Yuanbao is to recharge Yuanbao on the online recharge page. Like the previous monthly card and second card, Yuanbao also has three recharge methods: physical card, bank card, and esale system. How to play 176 Retro Legend 1: When you first enter the area, you must first choose your own character, the classic three professions, warrior melee physical attack, high damage and high life, simple and rough skills; mage long-range magic high damage, diverse skills, advantage in group PK Great; all-round Taoist battlefield, can use summoning skills, and also has auxiliary means such as healing and strengthening defense. The old legend is a traditional combat method and Dao three professions. The gameplay and equipment are relatively simple. The equipment can be synthesized and upgraded with gold coins. Do more tasks to get experience. If conditions permit, you can double or quadruple the experience to complete it, which can speed up the upgrade. In the legendary game, ordinary players must worship their masters in the game and join the guild. There will be certain rewards for worshiping high-level masters, and the masters will also give you some things for others to play with, which will be easier. The legendary 176 version is upgraded to a level, plus two points for wearing and carrying weight. There is an increase every level, and the amount of increase is fixed every 5 levels. But every 5th level has a certain increase. The higher the level, the more weight you wear. Shoes and belts increase the wearing load, and there are 8 levels in total. The level is increased through gold coins, and the wearing load is increased by 11230 in turn. Every time you upgrade 2 levels, the load will increase a little. If you wear heavy equipment at 40, you can't wear Zuma sets (bracelets and rings are heavy), but you can wear Dharma sets. Wearing a magic power ring or a set of dragon elephants will add 100% of its own weight, and each level will increase the weight. Or trade directly with others. As long as the package fits. But you can't run away. This is the end of the introduction to Legend 176 and Legend 176. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Legendary Version 176➻Legendary Version 176


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