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How to store dark tea is the best way to store dark tea? , How to preserve the best method of dark tea

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is how to preserve the best dark tea, so the editor has compiled 2 related introductions How to save black tea is the best answer, let us have a look together. How should black tea be stored? Correct preservation of black hair tea? How should black tea be stored? Generally speaking, after 5 years of making tea with good tenderness, the taste will be more mellow and sweet. Of course, new tea can also be drunk, but the taste is not the same as that of old tea. The old tea in the past has more refined raw materials, so it has not been aged for 10 years, so its taste is not mellow. After dark tea is processed, it will be aged naturally. Therefore, the storage of dark tea is more important. Judging from the current storage quality in different regions of mainland China, the northwest is dry and the tea changes slowly, but the tea aroma is high. The taste in Hunan changes rapidly, and the aroma is not as good as that in Northwest China. The taste changes faster in the Guangdong area, but the aroma seems to be less pure. The Tibet area may be related to the altitude. It seems that the lack of oxygen in the aging process makes the tea have a bitter taste, which is worthy of further research. Three conditions should be paid attention to when storing dark tea: 1. Avoid sun exposure in a cool place. Exposure to the sun will cause rapid oxidation of tea products, resulting in some unpleasant chemical components, such as sun-dried taste, which will not disappear for a long time. 2. Avoid airtight ventilation. Ventilation is helpful for the natural oxidation of tea products, and at the same time, it can properly absorb the moisture in the air (the moisture should not be too high, otherwise it will easily cause mildew), accelerate the humid heat oxidation process of the tea body, and also provide moisture and oxygen for microbial metabolism. Do not use it Sealed in plastic bags, it can be packaged and stored with kraft paper, leather paper and other packaging materials with good permeability. 3. Keep away from peculiar smell. Tea has a strong heteroscopicity and should not be mixed with odorous substances. It should be placed in an open and ventilated environment. During the storage of dark tea, as long as the water content of the brick itself reaches the factory standard, and the air humidity is not too high, no matter how long it takes, it will not become moldy (the dominant bacteria in the tea brick inhibit the production of other bacteria), However, aged brick tea that has lasted for 30 to 50 years may have a layer of "tea worms" parasitic on the surface of the bricks. "Tea worms" are not terrible. process. Facts have proved that old tea with insect excrement is not harmful to the body. Correct preservation of black hair tea? Black hair tea refers to black tea that has not been pressed. The shape is thick and the leaves are broad, and the color is dark brown and oily. Hunan black hair tea is generally used to make brick-shaped Fuzhuan tea, black brick tea, flower brick tea, green brick tea and basket-packed Tianjian, Gongjian and Shengjian. 1. Professional preservation Anhua black tea processing and marketing enterprises and collectors should establish special warehouses for preservation and implement professional management. (1) The raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and auxiliary materials of different varieties of Anhua black tea and black hair tea should be stored separately, and should not be mixed. (2) The warehouse should be clean and hygienic, dry and ventilated, avoid sunlight, have no peculiar smell, have a flat floor, be paved with environmentally friendly moisture-proof materials, and have anti-mildew and rodent-proof facilities. (3) Other products that may cause mutual pollution or odors shall not be stored in the same warehouse, and it is strictly forbidden to store them together with toxic and harmful substances or other perishable and flammable products. (4) The stacking of tea products stored in the warehouse should not be too high or too dense, and the distance between the tea products and the wall should be kept more than 10cm. To be checked and sorted out regularly. Black tea storage method and time 2. Family preservation and drinking or households that have a certain collection of dark tea generally do not have a special warehouse for storage, it is easy to absorb and smell, once the odor or miscellaneous odor is absorbed, it is difficult to remove. Home preservation should pay attention to the following items: (1) The storage location is not picky about the size of the space. The attic or a special tea room is fine. Do not store in the basement, kitchen, bathroom, etc. that are not ventilated and moisture-proof. The place where the tea is stored should not be exposed to direct sunlight. , Don't be in a humid room or exposed to rain, keep the tea place clean, dry and ventilated. No fragrance, soap, sandalwood, fragrant wood, camphor and other strong-smelling items should be placed in the place where tea is stored. (2) Loose tea can be packaged in leather paper, bamboo baskets or clay pots; Tianjian tea, brick tea, and cake tea can be packed in small baskets and sealed in an odorless cardboard box, as long as it can be ventilated. Bare tea, packaged tea, different types of products and products from different manufacturers should not be mixed, and try to avoid odors that will affect the original flavor. (3) When taking the packaged tea home, check whether the package smells of ink, brocade box packaging, etc. If there is any peculiar smell, take out the tea and wrap it in clean leather paper or put it in a clean bamboo basket, and then place it in a dry and ventilated place. Store where the smell is. At this point, the above is the introduction of the editor's question on how to preserve the best black tea. I hope that the 2-point answer on how to preserve the best dark tea will be useful to everyone.

How to store dark tea is the best way to store dark tea? , How to preserve the best method of dark tea


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